Tuesday, April 5, 2011

MPs visit NEV Normal

Last Tuesday two senior Labour MPs visited the school to discuss our early intervention work with children and families. Annette King and Charles Chauvel headed our way after a morning of meeting about the Darren Hughes affair. King is the deputy leader of the Labour Party and Chauvel is their justice spokesperson. Ross Leach from DNI, Paul Richardson from Sacred Heart and I spoke about what we are trying to do be engaging with families and the community. Local Salvation Army Pastor Nolan Hill spoke about their committment to partnering with the schools and early childhood centres in the Valley to support our work. The MPs listened with interest to our stories and seemed to be on the same wavelength we are on.

I am a tad cynical about these visits. We have had visits from other luminaries - like the Commissioner for Children, and local National MP Woodhouse - they come and smile and say what a great job we are doing and how interesting it all is but I don't know whether we see any change in the way the world goes round! We certainly don't get any follow up phone call offering us some help!!

Anyway, for an hour we feel someone is noticing that we do things differently in this wee valley tucked away in a corner of this quiet city. That in itself is affirming.



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