Thursday, March 24, 2011

Better Late Than Never

Hi there I happened to click on my blog today and noticed that I hadn't made an entry since 2009!!! I suppose it begs the question is such a facility necessary when we have Fb, emails, school blogs and websites and texting.

Having said that there sure has been a lot to talk about in the last 12 months and those who know me well know I like to talk about things!!! Firstly there's the national standards and the debate around them. The view of our Board is that the standards approach to raising achievement has not worked in any other country in the world and so is not what will be good for our youngsters.

Then there has been Pike River followed by the two earthquakes in Christchurch which have shocked us all and made us take stock about what's really important in society. When I think about what is important to our school and the way it operates I think we can pare things down to a handful of really simple messages:

Teachers should love the kids;

Teachers should be fair and firm;

Teachers should teach their hearts out.

Politicians come and go - as do their policies. Disasters come and go - some are handled easily while others alter us as a people. Life keeps moving onwards. It is beholden on us who are in the service of others to be strong in our ethical beliefs, have heaps of hope and show each other goodwill.

Cheers, John