Thursday, July 2, 2009

ESOL Conversation Classes

This week our ESOL conversation class hosted the school staff to lunch. What an exciting array of food we were presented with - food from the home countries of our class members including Malaysia, China, Japan, Nepal and India.
Mrs. Jan Probert, our ESOL teacher, is a really neat person and an xcellent teacher. Jan mamages to embrace people from other countries and make them feel at ease.
During the lunch , all the class members had to introduce their food. I was particularly taken with the symbolism behind some of the dishes: The making dumplings for example is a Chinese family activity and represents everyone working together in harmony!
Apart from the symbolic, the food tasted great!We are so lucky to live in a country where newcomers are, on the whole, accepted and made feel welcome.
The members of our conversation class are all lovely people who will add to the richness we already possess. Haere Mai koutou katoa!!